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An ancient treatment for modern day health.  Acupuncture uses fine needles that are placed in specific points to achieve the optimal flow of qi and blood.  Patients are often surprised how relaxing a session is.  This technique has been shown to decrease pain, improve sleep, improve energy, these are amongst a few of the benefits.



This is a technique that is used as an adjunct to Acupuncture, it utilizes either glass or plastic cups that create a suction upon the skin.  It's main purpose is to relieve congestion of blood and energy.  Assists with everything from bronchitis to pain.


Trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports, Pregnancy and Tui Na.  The focus is on improving circulation and relieving the entwined fascia and resetting the muscles to have optimal functioning as well as decrease pain.  This is excellent to improve circulation.


Optimal nutrition is the goal.  With so many different articles and books out there, how is one to know the one to follow.  A nutritional plan can be worked out to support your goals and needs.  Utilizing common sense and your blood type we can discover which foods to incorporate.

Herbal Medicine

What more perfect medicine than that from a plant.  Using what nature gave us is a conducive way to improve our own system.  These can be in either tincture form or capsules, all intended to stimulate the body to achieve its maximum potential.

Genotype Diet

Using an advanced web based program, developed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, called SWAMI (Serotyping with advanced modifier Influences) which includes a number of Biometrics as well as blood type and secretor status, and creates a personalized one of a kind diet for you with lists of Beneficial, Neutral and Avoid foods.

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