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Oncology Acupuncture & Naturopathic Care

Graduates of TCM Academy’s Oncology Acupuncture Program are equipped with the specialist skills necessary to support cancer survivors at all stages of their cancer journey. They have a fundamental understanding of cancer from western and Chinese medical perspectives and the ability to support patients undergoing western treatments and cancer survivors.

Fertile Life Method

Practitioners are trained to help assist you in:

  • Understanding your fertility process

  • Assist you with understanding how to balance your hormones

  • Assist with lower stress and emotional well being

  • Enhance egg production

  • Improve libido (sex drive)

  •  Manage gynaecological issues

  •  Increase blood flow to reproductive organs

  •  Prepare for and support IVF treatment- Strive for optimum health and well being

  • Assist with improving sperm motility and morphology

    Improve the quality of your cervical mucus and



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